Monday, 26 March 2012

Up on the roof

Topiary at Chastleton House (photo copyright Juju)

Such a treat at the weekend: volunteers at Chastleton House (NT) are occasionally allowed up on the roof so up I went despite my dislike of heights. It was a beautiful clear day and what an amazing and different perspective on the garden where I spend hours of my time. Topiary gardens of course look stunning from above and ours is no exception - the weird blobby shapes take on new identities and the yew hedge looks so crisp, flat and neat.

The Kitchen Garden (photo copyright Juju)

It was interesting to study the Kitchen Garden and the new beds (left hand side) - it made me realise what a good size they are and also how much work they're going to involve! Still, I love working in this area and it's also a favourite with the visitors. Everybody asks questions about the fruit and veg and also the beautiful herbaceous borders. Now I'm on to my third Spring there I think I can identify most of the plants...

The croquet lawns (photo copyright Juju)

Finally, the croquet lawns. For those who don't know, the rules of croquet were codified here by a member of the family who owned Chastleton for nearly 400 years - Walter Whitmore Jones in the 1860s: he was a bit of a character by all accounts. I wonder what he would think of all the attention? Croquet lawns are very high maintenance and our gardener lavishes time, energy and resources on this one to keep it in tip-top condition.