Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Cogges Manor Farm

Cogges Manor Farm - side view
Since September last year, I've been working on a freelance and occasional basis at Cogges Manor Farm in Witney:  I'm part of the team of Learning Leaders, delivering education sessions to visiting primary schools. Most of the time I teach university students so it is a wonderful change working with children. It is also lovely just having a 15 minute walk to work!

Looking at the oldest part of the manor

The education sessions are primarily based outside - whatever the weather! We've run them in snow and rain but luckily the forecast looks good for tomorrow's booking. Cogges has a walled garden full of fruit, vegetables, herbs and herbaceous planting (all looked after by volunteers) and extensive grounds including an orchard, old moat and island, fields etc.

The walled garden

We help the children learn the history of this beautiful and fascinating site - particularly the Saxon and Victorian periods - and also about wildlife and growing food. The children really seem to enjoy it - having a chance to get close to the animals, build Saxon shelters, cook in a Victorian kitchen, learn about the life of Victorian servants, explore the walled garden, build a bee house and have a go at making compost...
Looking through to the walled garden

The animals are really popular with the children and visitors of all ages - especially Florence and Fern the very tame lambs as well as the pigs.

We're having a rest!

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